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Machine ID 4056 Year 2014
Category Used Machinery - Stone Machinery - CNC Jetsaws Condition Good
Type CNC Jetsaw Dual Table Region South US
Manufacturer Park Industries Sale Price $168400.00 $129400.00
Model Fusion 4245    
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Description The FUSION® maximizes cutting time by using a CNC saw for straight cuts, then switches to a precision waterjet for tight angles.

This powerful sawing station saws 3 times faster than conventional bridge saws, reducing your costs and increasing your capacity.

The FUSION's Saw & Waterjet combination matched with its tilt table, iTEC interface, and more offer the ultimate blend of productivity.

Process a Single Slab in Just 20 Minutes.

What if you could reduce material costs by 10-15%, reduce sawing station labor by 50%, increase sawing capacity by 200% AND increase CNC router production by 30% compared to conventional bridge saw production?

You can with a FUSION® CNC SawJet.

Cut a slab every 20 minutes-all day long. Saw 3x faster than conventional bridge saws.

Imagine the increased output when it just takes 20 minutes to process a slab.

At the push of a button, the FUSION® does the work of 3 machines in the same amount of time.

The Impact the FUSION® can Have on Your Operations.

Reduce material handling issues

Reduce slab breaking with tilt table option

Reduce your material costs by up to 15%

Reduce your sawing station labor by up to 50%

Increase your sawing capacity by up to 200%

Increase your CNC production by up to 25% over conventional bridge saw production

S Series for Material Handling

You asked and we listened! Material handling continues to be a struggle with many fabricators.

The FUSION® S series of CNC SawJets, have a tilt table option which reduces material handling constraints, decreases slab breakage, and makes the tank much easier to clean than other traditional CNC sawjets.

Bring these kinds of savings to life with the FUSION® CNC Saw & Precision Waterjet.

Improve Efficiency and Quality From Every Angle.

It�s not just quick. It�s incredibly accurate.

The automatic 0 to 47-degrees mitering capabilities give you the power to produce mitered apron edges in a matter of minutes.

Each FUSION® CNC saw has CNC Servo mitering capabilities.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) - Optional

The Variable Frequency Drive, or VFD, is an option on the FUSION®.

The VFD increases the saw�s efficiency when cutting ultra-compact materials.

Accustream Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Designed and built by AccuStream® (Industry leader in waterjet technology), the Reverse Osmosis system is the added protection you need to safeguard your equipment for maximum uptime.

Reverse Osmosis works by forcing the incoming water through a semipermeable membrane to remove dissolved solids and hard ions.

The water is then sent directly to the saw/waterjet pump.

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Contact Bron Henry, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 17434 Palamino Lake Dr
Dade City Florida 33523
Phone (541) 892-8555
Email bronhenry@fastmail.com

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